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Spider Veins


Confidence-boosting, minimally-invasive treatments

They appear close to the skin’s surface, often looking like red, purple and blue, web-like clusters. Or they may resemble tree roots or branches around your knees or ankles. Spider veins may be small, but they sure can do a number on your confidence, and they can even cause discomfort.

Spider veins are typically a cosmetic issue. But they can also cause symptoms such as burning, itching, stinging, throbbing or aching around the veins or vein clusters. If you’ve noticed these symptoms, then your spider veins may be due to venous insufficiency – a condition in which your leg veins fail to function properly, and can no longer return blood back to your heart.

What’s causing your spider veins?

Before our physicians can create a plan to treat your spider veins, they must know what’s causing them. Your Vascular Surgery Medical Group physician will perform a quick, precise ultrasound diagnostic test. This exam can:

  • Confirm your diagnosis & your candidacy for treatment.
  • Reveal underlying medical causes of your vein condition.
  • Generate immediate results to inform your treatment.
  • Support the timely, accurate treatment of your problem veins.
  • Serve as a valuable tool in monitoring your post-treatment progress.

Advanced treatments for spider veins

Once the doctors get to the source of your spider veins (cosmetic or venous insufficiency), they’ll craft a treatment plan tailored to dissolve your spider veins, renew your confidence and relieve any uncomfortable symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Your spider vein care may involve one of the following, minimally invasive treatments:



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